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 Pilot Gig Rowing 

If you are interested in joining the adult rowing program or going for a free trial row, please contact the Sail MV office 508-696-7644 or email the Waterfront Director

Current Rowing Roster

Jude Villa - Chairperson of Rowing Club

Aase M. Jones  

Alba Carson       

Alice Goyert      

Angela Rhoderick            

Anne Good        

Beth Kramer     

Betsy Edge         

Carol Hyde         

Cat Janson         

Christopher Buehler      

Dick Clark            

Don McKillop    

Doug Reece       

Frank Piccone   

Georgia Morris 

Jacque Cage      

Jan Buhrman     

Paquet Jane

Janet Woodcock              

Jay Grande        

Jean Lewellyn   

Jeanne Hupprich             

John Lolley         

Karen English    

Kyle Rothery     

Lucinda Sheldon              

Malcolm Boyd  

Marilyn Katzman             

Marilyn Wortman           

Mary Beth Keenan

Melinda Loberg               

Melissa Hackney             

Meredith Gallo

Nelia Decker     

Pam Flam           

Patricia Albee   

Petra Lent McCarron     

Randi Baird        

Sally Ann Kakas

Sarah Lolley       

Sarah Vail           

Sue Slahetka     

Suzanne Alberich            

Tim Winchell     

Toni  Cohen       

Wendy Gray      

Wendy Maseda               


Cornish pilot gigs are exceptional open water rowing  boats, made to venture out in big seas and traditionally used as life/rescue boats, to deliver pilots to incoming sailing vessels and to smuggle between the Cornish coast and France. Two 32' gigs were built at Five Corners and Gannon & Benjamin Boatyard between 2004-2006. Each gig is lapstrake planked with white cedar on oak ribs, using over 1500 copper rivets and additional bronze screws, with an angelique keel, stem and sternpost. Nearly 50 men, women and youth volunteered to work weekends under the direction of Nat Benjamin, Ross Gannon and Myles Thurlow, to loft build, plank and finish Grace and Cassie.

The group of over thirty rowers participating in this community program have competed in the Weir River Race, the MV Oar and Paddle Race, Round Minot Light Race, the Snow Row in Hull and the Sail MV sponsored Vineyard Cup Pilot Gig Race. We are working to further develop a youth rowing module through the schools.


Cassie leaves Gannon and Benjamin
Cassie leaves Gannon and Benjamin


Sail Martha's Vineyard is a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating and protecting the island's maritime heritage.Sail Martha's Vineyard is a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating and protecting the island's maritime heritage.